What is a Cloth Diaper?

A cloth diaper is a reusable diaper that can be washed and used time and time again. Today, cloth diapers are completely modernized. There are no pins to poke. No folding to fuss over. No plastic pants or soggy wet diapers – ick! Old-fashioned cloth diapers have been replaced with modern options like FuzziBunz. Families who use modern cloth diapers, like FuzziBunz, benefit by:

 Saving Money:  Families who use cloth diapers typically save $2,500 or more over the course of their baby’s diapering years.

Gaining Convenience: Cloth diapering families have everything they need to diaper their babies in their houses – no inconvenient midnight runs to the grocery store for diapers.

Being Eco-Minded: Families minding their carbon footprint can rest-assured that they are not contributing to our overflowing landfills; rather they are preserving our world’s natural resources.

Enjoying Health: Many families who use cloth diaper say they were able to eliminate or lesson the occurrence of diaper rashes

Oozing Cuteness:  FuzziBunz comes in a variety of colors and printed designs to make diaper duty for mom and dad, well, a little more exciting.


 What is a FuzziBunz?

FuzziBunz is a modern cloth diaper that can be washed, used and reused over and over again.  FuzziBunz is a pocket diaper - most parents find it easy to think of it as a three-layered diaper system:

 Layer #1:  The first layer is the top layer or the outside shell that comes in an array of colors and print designs. This layer provides a waterproof barrier to contain wetness and prevent leaks.

 Layer #2: The second layer is the inside fleece layer or bottom layer. Fleece is not only super soft against baby’s skin but also it allows wetness to seep through it so baby stays dry. In other words, fleece doesn’t absorb the urine; rather it allows the urine to flow through to the middle layer. It also repels solids so poop can easily plop off the diaper into the toilet with little to no fuss.

 Layer #3: The third layer is the pocket opening (with insert) in the middle of the diaper. At the top of a FuzziBunz diaper you’ll see a pocket opening. Stuff the pocket with the included microterry insert or any absorbent material of your choice.  Customize the absorbency to meet your baby’s wetness needs.


Once the diaper is assembled or “stuffed” with an insert, it can easily be fastened on baby just as a disposable diaper would be fastened on a baby except with one important distinction: Instead of Velcro™ or tape, FuzziBunz uses durable front snaps that enables you to adjust the legs and waist to fit your baby snuggly and comfortably. Further, FuzziBunz One-Size diapers come with additional adjustability – several elastic bands are hidden away in the waist and leg casings to allow families to adjust the diapers even more!


FuzziBunz was created by a mom whose baby had severe diaper rash. When the chemicals in disposables irritated her baby’s skin, she tried old-fashioned cloth diapers that were, in her own words, “disgusting” and “impossible to use.” She invented FuzziBunz to provide a modern reusable diapering option for today’s families who are on diaper duty.


To answering a burning question… “Where does the poop go?”  

The poop is repelled by the top layer fleece so it easily falls off the diaper when you shake it out over the toilet. For particularly mushy poops, we recommend a diaper sprayer. A diaper sprayer attaches to your toilet and allows you to spritz off your soiled diapers over the toilet before washing in your laundry machine.