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Warranty, Returns and Exchanges

Q. What does the FuzziBunz® warranty cover?

A. The FuzziBunz® warranty covers snaps for three years and defects in workmanship and materials for one year. The complete FuzziBunz® warranty text can be found here.

Q. How do I submit a warranty claim?

A. Begin by completing the FuzziBunz® Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) form and submitting per the instructions on the form. Note: A dated receipt from an Authorized FuzziBunz® Retailer is required for any warranty claim to be considered.

Q. What are the FuzziBunz® Money Back Guarantees?

A. We want to take the stress out of making the cloth diapering decision. We are so confident that you will agree that FuzziBunz® is the best cloth diaper available that we will refund your money if you don’t. For complete information, select One Size and Perfect Size for details.

Care & Use Instructions

Q. Do I need to prewash my FuzziBunz®?

A. Perhaps the best pre-treatment routine for cloth diapers is a very good rinse as soon as possible after changing. Knock off solids in the toilet and use a diaper sprayer to rinse extra soiled diapers before washing or storing to wash.

Pre-treating is necessary mainly for removal of more deeply embedded stains. Stains that otherwise would survive a wash and rinse (with a quality detergent) are not coming off anyway and thus won’t pose any problem. Where Pre-Treating becomes more of a necessity is when oils or creams get on the diaper fleece liners or absorbent inserts. Oils or creams can linger on microfibers and degrade their functionality. A good grease cutting pre-treater will loosen and remove that residue in the wash.

Q. How do I wash my FuzziBunz®?

A. FuzziBunz® diapers can be machine washed and dried.

Knock solids into the toilet. Rinse if necessary.

Remove the absorbent insert and place into the washing machine.

FuzziBunz® can be washed in hot water and with sanitary cycles. Follow your cleaning agent label instructions and washer operating instructions.

Inserts can be washed separately with a small amount of bleach.

Diapers and inserts can be machine dried. Dry diapers on medium heat. Inserts can be dried on medium or high heat. Air drying in sunlight can help with disinfecting.

Q. Can I wash hemp inserts with my FuzziBunz® diapers and inserts?

A. We recommended that you wash any hemp material separately from FuzziBunz® products. The natural oils contained in hemp can attach to the special fabrics used in FuzziBunz® diaper and accessories and cause repelling in the fleece liner and absorbent insert.

Q. Should I use hot water to wash FuzziBunz®? If so, how hot?

A. Some cleaning agents require hot water to activate. Others work well with warm water. With those, while increasing the temperature technically does increase the cleaning ability, the curve is fairly flat between warm and near boiling. Unless your cleaning agent requires it and you have a proper sanitary cycle, hot is just wasting money. FuzziBunz® can be washed in hot water and with sanitary cycles. Follow your cleaning agent label instructions and washer operating instructions.

Q. What kind of detergent is recommended to use with FuzziBunz®?

A. We want FuzziBunz® users to have the best experience possible and proper laundering is a very big part of difference between success and frustration. At our website, we sell cleaning agents we know to work well with our diapers.

There is a lot of conflicting information in diapering forums, especially with regard to the terms “detergent” and “soap.” Many sources will discourage the use of detergents citing difficulties in rinsing residue from fabrics. Yet, one of the most popular and effective diaper cleaning products is referred to as soap but is actually described on its own website as “…a blend of natural-based surfactants (detergents)…”

Actual soap will leave a film which will degrade the functionality of performance garments like diapers. The key is to have a detergent that not only adheres exceptionally well to soil, but also to water so it rinses completely. The cleaner the fabric actually is, the better it will perform.

Avoid using cleaners with odor-blockers, perfumes, softeners, dyes, optical brighteners and enzymes, etc. An odor is a sign the diaper is not clean. Masking the odor will not clean the diaper.

Q. Can I use a “natural” detergent to clean my diapers?

A. Not always. Many natural laundry detergents contain certain plant oil surfactants that can cause leaking and repelling on many types of cloth diapers.

Q. Is it safe to wash my FuzziBunz® with “free and clear” detergents?

A. Not always. Some “free and clear” detergents contain enzymes and/or optical brighteners which can remain in the diaper fabric.

Q. Do you have any tips for laundering FuzziBunz® with an HE machine?

A. Inadequate rinsing of detergent components is perhaps the most significant cloth diaper laundering problem. Diapers may look and smell clean, but small amounts of detergent may remain.

Consult with your HE machine manufacturer for instructions or tips on how to increase the rinse cycle effectiveness on your specific machine.

Q. Will ointments and creams damage my FuzziBunz® diapers?

A. Yes. Oils in ointments and creams on the fleece liner or microfiber insert will cause repelling. If a diaper does get ointments or creams on the fabric, wash and strip the diaper(s) separately from the unaffected diapers.

Q. Can I use dish detergent to wash diapers?

A. We do not recommend using dish detergent on FuzziBunz® products.

Q. What do I do if I have hard water?

A. Most laundry water softeners can be used with FuzziBunz® products. Follow the softener label instructions.

Q. Will colors run or bleed if I wash in hot water?

A. FuzziBunz® products are made with the best fabrics available. Still, some bright color dyes, especially reds, may bleed from the fabric in the first few washings. It is generally a good idea to wash these colors separately for any products until the running/bleeding ceases.

Q. What is the best way to store my FuzziBunz® long-term?

A. The best way to store your FuzziBunz® for long periods of time is in a breathable bag, such as a cotton pillowcase, in a cool/dry, temperature controlled environment. Storing your diapers in hot area such as an attic or storage building, or in a plastic bag or tote could cause the elastic and PUL to rapidly degrade.


Q. What’s the best way to get stains out of my FuzziBunz® diapers?

A. Diaper stain treatment products are available at www.fuzzibunz.com . Washing with oxygenated bleaches or exposing to sunlight can often remove mild and moderate stains.

Q. My FuzziBunz® are leaking and the insert is barely wet. What do I do?

A. Leaking is most often a result of the liner and insert fabrics repelling moisture. Residue from fabric softeners, detergents, ointments and even hard water can attach to the fibers prevent the fabric from wicking or absorbing urine.

You can perform a simple test to check for repelling: Sprinkle droplets of water on a CLEAN AND DRY fleece liner or microfiber terry insert. The water should immediately absorb into the fabric. You may be able to push the water into the fabric if there is a small or moderate amount of repelling. In extreme cases, water will bead on top of the fabric and actually roll around rather than absorb. To correct repelling you will need to "strip" your diapers.

Q. How do I strip my FuzziBunz® diapers?

A. Diaper stripping treatment products are available at www.fuzzibunz.com . Follow the directions on the label for best results.

The following method may work for light or moderate repelling issues:

  1. Start with clean diapers.

  2. For a top loading washing machine, fill the washer with hot water.

  3. Add 4-5 tablespoons of oxygenated bleach.

  4. Once the bleach is thoroughly dissolved, add the diapers.

  5. Agitate for two to three minutes then stop the cycle.

  6. Let the diapers soak for at least six hours.

  7. Resume the cycle until complete.

  8. Run an additional cold wash/rinse cycle.

  9. Dry on low heat (medium for inserts) or air dry in sunlight.

Q. My diapers smell even thought they look clean. Will stripping correct this?

A. Stripping will usually remove the source of odors, especially in the diaper shell and fleece liner.

For stubborn odors trapped in the multi-layer microfiber terry absorbent insert, wash with 1-cup of bleach in hot water with no detergent.


Odors occur when diapers are not completely cleaned or rinsed and urea, bacteria, waste and residual cleaning agents, etc. remain. Do not use detergents with odor blockers, scents, etc. Blocking the odor does not make the diaper clean.

Q. FuzziBunz® One Size and FuzziBunz® Perfect Size? What are the differences?

A. The FuzziBunz® One Size and Perfect Size diapers are patented fleece pocket diapers. One Size diapers have adjustable/replaceable waist and leg elastics and the Perfect Size has fixed/sewn-in waist and leg elastics.

One Size

The unmatched adjustability of the One Size diapers allow the fit to be customized as the child grows. The multiple settings of the waist and leg elastics, combined with the multiple snap positions and unique button and snap orientations, allow a close and comfortable fit that performs well without being constrictive.

The One Size – Small is designed to fit most children from birth to toilet training.

The One Size – Large is designed for larger children. The OS – Large may also be suitable for late trainers, overnight security or bed wetters.

Perfect Size

Perfect Size diapers are adjustable within given ranges using the multiple snap orientations. These diapers are available in multiple sizes designed to match the child’s developmental needs. The X-Small Perfect Size FuzziBunz® fits newborns securely through the first months of rapid growth. The design of the Small considers the posture of a sitting and crawling child, while the Medium and Large shapes better accommodate the needs of an active toddler.

All of the new FuzziBunz® pocket diapers feature the patented fleece pocket, wider and more comfortable waist and leg bands and the comfortable and secure belly fit.

Q. What size FuzziBunz® do I need for my child?

A. The chart below will help you match a FuzziBunz® for your child. Please feel free to call the FuzziBunz helpline for sizing assistance.

Q. I am pregnant with my first baby and not sure what size to get. I know that babies grow so fast, so I am wondering if I can skip the size small and put my baby in a medium when she is born. Can I do this?

A. The FuzziBunz® One Size – Small was designed to address this very common concern. The One Size – Small (or OSS as we refer to it) will fit and function well as the first diaper and adjusts as the child grows. Toilet training studies and pediatric growth charts show that most children will begin toilet training at around 30 months and 30 pounds or less, so the OSS may well be the only diaper you will ever need.

Q. My baby's diaper leaks upon waking at nap or nighttime.

A. There are several primary reasons you might experience leaking at any time: Improper fit, repelling fabric and insufficient insert absorbency.

  • Improper fit

    • When fitting a FuzziBunz® on your child, move the legs to simulate the child’s sleeping and active postures. The leg casings should not gap away from the child at the crotch. Adjust the snap positions and elastic (One Size only) to keep the leg opening closed without constricting.

  • The diaper fabrics repel urine

    • If the fleece is not permeable (repels urine or water) it cannot wick the urine away or let it pass through to the absorbent insert. The absorbent insert may also be affected. Check the fleece and insert by sprinkling droplets of water on a dry area. If the water does not immediately absorb or pass through, the diaper and insert may need to be stripped.

  • Needs additional absorbency

    • If a child’s urine flow is unusually fast or heavy, additional absorbency may be needed. Avoid over stuffing as this can distort the fit and actually worsen leakage.

    • Note: Sometimes an improperly “stuffed” insert will bunch up at the crotch and not reach liquid pooling in the shell. FuzziBunz® contoured Full inserts are designed to provide absorbency where it is needed most. For additional inserts, advice or assistance, contact us at help@fuzzibunz.com or 1-855-DRY-BABY.

Q. How many diapers do I need to order?

A. We recommend 18-20 diapers to start off. You can certainly start with less, but that will require more frequent washings. Many add to and even double this amount as they add to their collection over time.

Q. What accessories do you recommend I get to go along with my FuzziBunz® purchase?

A. The most popular and useful accessories are the Diaper Sprayer, Hanging Diaper Pail and Diaper Tote.

    • The FuzziBunz® diaper sprayer connects to your toilet water inlet and enables you to spray over your toilet as necessary.

    • The Hanging Diaper Pail is a convenient and attractive option for holding and carrying soiled diapers.

    • Use the Diaper Tote for carrying spare or soiled diaper on short outings. These items can be purchased at FuzziBunz.com.