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  • Earn 10% commission on all sales
  • Commissions are paid after commission amounts reach $50.00
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For 15 years, FuzziBunz® has been a cheerleader and a pioneer in the world of modern reusable diapers.

Part of that success has been due to our loyal fans, followers and fellow change seekers who have joined us in shouting from the rooftops that CLOTH DIAPERS ARE COOL AGAIN, PEOPLE!

We recognize the loyalty of our customers and understand that many are stay-at-home-moms and dads dedicated to providing the BEST for their families.

In an effort to say THANK YOU for helping us to spread the word about FuzziBunz®, we started a FuzziBunz Affiliate Program so that you, TOO, can reap the rewards.


Help us reach out to people to carry the cloth diapering message and, in return, we'll help YOU make life just a little bit more comfortable where your finances are concerned.

Our affiliates receive a 10% commission on all sales generated from their affiliate link! Not bad - considering an average sale can easily reach the $150 mark!

Whoa…that's one free diaper right there!

We know you are already bragging to your friends about FuzziBunz® cloth diapers - make some money doing it!

SIGN UP today and start earning money!

The following are a few of the fine print details in our super easy program.