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The FuzziBunz® Story

In the Beginning…

The FuzziBunz® story begins in 1998 when a young mother’s pediatrician insisted that chemical-laden disposable diapers caused her son’s constant diaper rash.

She was disappointed with her search for a reusable diaper system that would fit into her busy life. Old-fashioned cloth diapers were hard to use and a mess to launder. It was a product that hadn’t changed in decades.

Her desperate journey to ease her son’s diaper rash led her to invent the original FuzziBunz® diaper in 1999. Little did she realize at the time that her cloth diaper invention would be the catalyst that put the entire modern cloth diapering industry in motion…

FuzziBunz Today

FuzziBunz® diapers are now made by a Louisiana-based company comprised of parents and grandparents with the shared belief that parents should be able to trust the quality of the products used for their children. The company’s focus on product quality is at the core of the effort to revitalize the FuzziBunz® brand to its glory years.

Product Quality – “There is no substitute for reliable product quality…period.”

CRG co-founder, Roy Couvillion, was introduced to the FuzziBunz® brand to manage manufacturing and design to meet the growing demand for FuzziBunz® products. Enamored with the product and recognizing the need for a fresh start, this grandfather of nine (and growing!) teamed with business partners to create CRG, llc. Their objective: Create and distribute the industry’s premier cloth diaper products and accessories.

Beginning with the classic and favored designs, Roy began the slow and deliberate process of redesigning what many consider to be the perfect cloth pocket diaper. However, pattern and structural changes, strict material specifications, detailed manufacturing process requirements, etc., are not enough to make a good diaper great…the new diapers needed to be tested with real babies and real parents for fit, comfort and performance. Months of fitting, revising, remaking, re-fitting, etc. ended only when the company became confident that the result would be the best cloth diapering product available.

Today, the U.S.-based company strictly controls manufacturing, providing Quality Control (QC) inspection at every level of production. Further, each manufacturing process and step is clearly specified and CRG inspectors at the production line ensure strict adherence to each step before the product is packed and shipped.

Innovation – “…because the back of the book doesn’t have all the answers.”

Some of CRG’s best product ideas come from their customers. Consumer input significantly affected (and continues to impact) CRG design criteria. Knowing what works and (sometimes more importantly) what doesn’t work is an important driver for innovation. Without such feedback, change becomes simply an excuse to make something different.

“Parents have a lot to consider when choosing a brand of cloth diaper for their child. With the cacophony of styles and designs available across the market to consider, I want for a parent to see the FuzziBunz® label on the outside of the diaper and know they’ve made the right decision.” - Roy Couvillion, Managing Partner - CRG, LLC

FuzziBunz® Helping moms enjoy motherhood since 1999.